• NOVEMBER 29th 2018: Unfortunately IC Markets is no longer doing business with Canadians or accepting Canadian investors. We have been trying to set up the Managed Account with a new broker and are in talk with a Swiss company that has all the funds secured in a Swiss Bank. Thank you for everybody that invested! I'm glad everybody was able to make over a 10% annual return while the service was on and I will keep you updated on future developments.
  • JULY 29th 2016: The Managed Account service is open to new Investors! Check out our INVEST section for more info!
  • JULY 24th 2016: The MAM service is being created and should be ready next week! Thank you everyone for your patience!
  • JULY 2nd 2016: Our MAM service is taking a little longer than expected to be set up. We are currently doing the final steps with our broker partner and expect some news Mid-July!
  • MAY 4th 2016: Our Mirror/Signal Trading option is currently OPEN TO NEW INVESTORS!
  • MAY 4th 2016: We are in contact with a Signal provider/follower company to help us set Mirror trading.
  • APRIL 29th 2016: It looks like we will have our MAM set up late-May as there is a bit of a delay coming from one of our client. Stay tuned!




We have more than 10 years investing on the Forex market.



We use a proven strategy that works in any type of market condition.



We are committed in providing support through the whole process, from signing up to when your account is active.

Goal to $200,000

  • 1% = $1,00029%

How it works?

We provide multiple options to invest with us to make sure your needs are met.


Absolutely! Whether you are a beginner with no knowledge or a veteran investor, Argentis Capital will help to provide the best service.

If at any point you are confused, have any questions, we would be delighted to guide you through the process of signing up and answer any questions you might have when your account is set up.

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