We offer various options to our clients that want to invest with Argentis Capital.




1How to I deposit/withdraw money to/from IC Markets?
IC Markets offer various deposit and withdrawal option. A few of them are: Credit Card, Bank wire, Skrill and Neteller. There are no deposit fee except for Skrill (2.7%).
2What if I don't have CAD and want to invest in a different currency like USD/AUD...
That's not a problem at all! You can still use all the method listed above and deposit CAD. The conversion will be done by the way you deposit. We have clients that have invested in USD and AUD via Credit Card, Bank Wire and Skrill without any problem. They did the conversion for them.
3What is a High-water Mark fee?

A High-Water Mark fee means that a fee is only taken on the profits that go above the highest point that the account has reached (the peak).


Initial Deposit: $10,000

Month 1: $11,000 (10% gain)
Fee: 30% of $1000 profit = $300
New balance: $10,700 (New High-Water Mark figure)

Month 2: $10,500 (2% loss)
Fee: None
New balance: $10,500

Month 3: $11,500 (9.5% gain)
Fee: 30% of $800 profit ($11,500 - $10,700 = 800) = $240
New balance: $11,500 - $240 = $11,260 (New High-Water Mark figure)

Link explaining the High-Water Mark fee in details and with a video: Investopedia

If you have any questions about High-Water Fee, please contact us.

4Are there any upfront or monthly costs?
There are no upfront costs or monthly costs other than our performance fee.
5Can I deposit/withdraw money anytime?
Yes you can! However, your account cannot go below the Minimum Deposit of $x when you withdraw. We also highly recommend not to withdraw while trades are open as it may affect our trading. You can deposit more money anytime but please email us when you do so that we will know the date you put the funds in and take the appropriate performance fee, so you don't get penalized.
6Can I also trade on that account?
No. The Managed Account that you set up is controlled by us for trading. You still have access to deposit/withdrawal. If you would like a personal account, you should open one separately through our partner broker IC Markets here.
7Do I have to download any software or sign up for services?
Not at all. Once you are on our Managed Account, we take care of everything.




1What fees are involved?
We charge a $40 monthly fee for performance fee and SignalStart charges $1/week (usually $25/month but they have a promotion) to use our service. There are no set up or activation fee.
2Can I keep my existing trading account?
Absolutely. You just have to register and sign up for the signals.
3Can I trade on my account even if I'm following your system?
Technically you can. based on the risk level, we advise not to especially for people that use more aggressive strategies,.
4Do I need to download anything to make it work?
Not at all. You just need to connect your account in SignalStart and copy the trades. We will do the rest.
5I already have a SignalStart account. Do I need to register for a new one?
No, feel free to use your existing account. Just go on and start copying the signals.
6Can I change the risk on the account? Make it lower/higher?
Definitely. Once you follow our signals you can set the multiplier to another value. For example, a multiplier of 1 will follow our same risk. A multiplier of 0.5 will use half the risk and a multiplier of 2 will double the risk. We don't recommend going above 2.



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